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True Wealth

At Oxford Financial Group, we utilize the Brower Quadrant Living Wealth Optimization System in our planning process. 

guiding principal of the Quadrant Living Wealth Optimization System is the recognition that True Wealth is the combination of Core Assets, Experience Assets, Contribution Assets, and Financial Assets. The Quadrant Living Wealth Optimization System planning process assists families and family offices in discovering, enhancing and optimizing all the assets that comprise their True Wealth.

Many planners and advisors focus exclusively on Financial Asset solutions and products. The Quadrant Living Wealth Optimization System focuses equally on the enrichment of your Core Assets and on the introduction of systems to capture and enhance your Experience Assets. The Quadrant Living Wealth Optimization System's proprietary strategies are then employed to optimize your Financial Assets and Contribution Assets.

The underlying objective of this planning is to maximize the health, happiness and well-being of each family member. The experience begins with identifying and documenting your underlying core values and how they relate to your overall objectives. This process facilitates your understanding of the role that each True Wealth asset plays in the enrichment of the family.

True Wealth is made up of your Core, Experience, Contribution and Financial Assets

core assets
are those personal qualities and characteristics that enhance the individual health, happiness and well-being of each family member.

experience assets
consist of the capture and empowerment of life's experiences, both good and bad, and the formal education of each family member.

contribution assets
are those assets placed back into society for the good of all; they include time, experience, and money.

financial assets
are those tangible assets that insure financial independence, provide for family legacy and facilitate philanthropic involvement.