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Extend Your Reach

Everyone who is loved by someone leaves a legacy. What will be your legacy? Who will remember you? For what will you be remembered? 

There is no standard answer to these questions. Nor should there be. Each person should determine their life purpose. But, once that purpose is understood, we encourage our clients to begin making their life plan their Legacy Plan. 

We believe that planning a legacy involves more than just updating your wills and taking steps that help minimize taxes. A good Legacy Plan goes beyond conventional estate planning. It comes from knowing your values, living your values, and planning from your values. 

We've developed a unique process that will guide you to confident decisions. It begins with clarity. Your family is validated, educated, and motivated to author a Legacy Plan which reflects your shared core values. We make the Legacy Planning process understandable. We listen to you and suggest solutions that are based on your goals and values and those of your family; solutions that seek to effectively preserve and multiply your true wealth during periods of transition. We make Legacy Planning understandable, effective, enlightening and exciting!