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Live Well... Leave a Legacy!

Creating retirement accounts is just the beginning of retirement planning.  Reaching retirement is like a mountain climber who has reached the summit. The climber knows that the goal is not just to reach the top, but to get back down the mountain safely. In mountain climbing, most of the accidents occur on the way down from the top. It is the same with retirement plans. Most problems occur during retirement when it is hard to recover if they weren't anticipated.

There are several very real risks that threaten income during retirement and which must be anticipated and addressed as one transitions from accumulation of funds to living off them. Any risk that is not addressed will leave you exposed to a lower standard of living, or a different life style than you anticipated.

Most people approaching retirement share one or more of the following concerns:

  1. They are concerned that taxes may take a large part of all they have created and accumulated during their lifetime.  The IRS may take 25-35% of their retirement income. Their Social Security will likely be taxed.
  2. They are aware that they are living longer, much longer, than their parents lived and are concerned that they may outlive their investments. Living longer is wonderful when we are healthy and have the resources to support ourselves. It is very expensive when our mind or body begins to deteriorate. Most of us don't want to be dependent upon family or government programs during our retirement years. A retirement plan must address longevity and health care expenses including Long Term Care.
  3. Most people are unaware that investing during retirement may need to be different than when they were investing to accumulate funds. Most people don't know what the "Safe Withdrawal Rate" is or why knowing that rate is critical to preserving their future lifestyle.

Retirement Planning should not be an experiment. When the market falls, you should not wonder how it will affect your retirement income. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls that most retirees will face sooner or later. Let us help you learn how to capture upward movement of the market while avoiding losses when the market drops. Our initial visit is free. By the end of that first meeting, we will both know if we can help you and if we are a good fit for each other.  Call 801-595-1730 to arrange a convenient time for an exploratory meeting.