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The Oxford Five Phase Planning Process

Through a unique five phase process, the professionals at Oxford Financial Group help successful families:

1. See their current future.  The first step in any legacy or retirement plan is to recognize the future that will be created by your current state of planning, or lack thereof, so that you can respond appropriately to that vision.

2. Limit Taxes*.  When we show our clients how to limit capital gains and estate taxes, and reduce their current income tax liability, it means that their Legacy Plan will not be driven by tax incentives. It can focus on the real values that you want to preserve and perpetuate.

3. Preserve Control and Life Style.  To many people, estate planning is the process of giving away much of what you have spent a lifetime building and accumulating. The process means losing control. In our view, a main objective of planning is to preserve control of the estate and protect the current life style so that planning one's estate is not feared or seen as the process of giving everything away.

4. Craft an Appropriate Inheritance.  We help our clients "craft an appropriate inheritance for family members that can help fund life opportunities for them without accidentally passing on such a large inheritance that it ends up allowing children and/or grandchildren to choose an unproductive life, living off their inheritance." (Jay Link)

5. Extend your Reach.  What will your family, and others, remember about you? It is your legacy. This phase of planning carefully considers how you desire to extend your reach so that you can preserve and project that which you value most.

*We do not give tax or legal advice. Please seek a tax and/or legal professional.