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Recognizing Your Current Future

The first step of the Oxford five phase process is to help our clients see their "current future".  It is not just a look at what your estate will look like in terms of net worth and taxation* under the current plan (or lack thereof).  It is also a searching look at your income during retirement and the effect the distribution of your estate will have on those you love and the causes and organizations for whom you care.

In order to know what needs to be done, it is vital to project the result of your current state of planning. The problem is not just how things are today, but rather how today's state of affairs will translate into tomorrow's reality. Will you do things "for" your loved ones or "to" them? Are they ready to responsibly receive an inheritance?  How will it change their lives?

If your current future does not identify, define, and focus on your "true wealth", that which you value most, this part of our process will help you do so. Our Legacy Questionnaire helps our clients quantify their feelings about wealth, what it means to them, and what they want the fruits of their labor to accomplish in the future.  

With this background, we help you create a "Legacy Letter of Intent**". It is your personal Family True Wealth Philosophy. It is a document that clearly identifies what your planning is to accomplish, and why. The document is not only used as a blueprint for your planning team, it also explains in very clear terms to your family what you are trying to accomplish, and why.

*We are not tax professionals and do not provide tax advice. Please seek a certified professional. **The Legacy Letter of Intent is not a legally-binding document. We are not legal attorneys and do not provide legal advice. Please seek a professional.