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Limiting Estate, Gift, & Capital Gain Taxes

Limiting Estate, Gift, & Capital Gain Taxes upon your death, how would you like your financial assets divided?                                           

___% to IRS                                                                             

___% to heirs of your choosing                                         

___% to charities 

For example, in 2019, federal law gives each person dying in 2019 a $5,700,000 exemption from estate taxes, $11,400,000 per married couple.  The fair market value of all assets in the estate in excess of the exempt amount is taxed at 40%.  The tax is due nine months after the date of death.   

Depending on the value of your estate, upon your death, it could be divided like this:                                          

25 - 30%  to IRS                                                                              

70 - 75%  to heirs of your choosing                                            

00%         to charities 

How much of your estate would you like to have exempt from estate taxes*?  

Most estate owners, with proper guidance, can sharply reduce, and sometimes even eliminate, the federal estate tax.  

How would you like your estate taxed and distributed?  

If you don't really like the IRS default plan, contact Kimball R. Doxey at Oxford Financial Group, Inc. 800-765-6383.

*Oxford Financial Group, Inc does not give tax or legal advice. Consult a tax or legal professional before implementing any plan.